Advanced Mushroom Block - White Oyster (coming soon)
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Advanced Mushroom Block - White Oyster (coming soon)

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White Oyster (Pleurotus ostreatus) can be grown all year round. It produces mushrooms quickly in large shell shapes. 

With a sweet flavor and luscious texture this versatile mushroom is a gourmet compliment to many a dish. Oyster mushrooms are low in fat, high in protein with many essential vitamins & minerals. 

  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN ONE BOX - We provide you with everything you will need to grow your own organic mushrooms in your own home
  • PERFECT FOR ALL AGES - Learn how to grow your very own gourmet mushrooms in your kitchen
  • PERFECT GIFT OR SCHOOL PROJECT - Unopened, our mushroom kit lasts for months. This is why it makes it a great gift for family, friend gift, child gift, educational gift or science gift. You will be gifting them with a wonderful experience
  • MADE IN THE USA & ALL-NATURAL - All of Myco Center products are all natural and made in the United States.


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