Hepa Flow Hood Fan Filter
Hepa Flow Hood Fan Filter
Hepa Flow Hood Fan Filter
Hepa Flow Hood Fan Filter
Myco Center

Hepa Flow Hood Fan Filter

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The Myco Center units a self-powered air supply filter device. This modular end air supply device has a filtering function to improve the air quality in a clean room. The fan filter unit works by sucking in the air from the top and filters it through the HEPA filter. The filtered clean air is then channeled into the cleanroom.

The filtered clean air is evenly distributed into the cleanroom at a speed of about 0.45m/s±20%. We can configure several units with different air volumes according to your purification requirements in the cleanroom.

The unit is widely used in clean rooms, dust-free operation tables, dust-free production lines, assembled dust-free rooms, and many other applications. It can still be customized to your needs such as simple clean workbenches, clean sheds, clean transfer cabinets, and clean storage closets. The units have a very quiet to a point you will not notice the fan filter running. This will help improve the working conditions of your cleanroom.

HEPA 99.99% 0.3 Micron Filter

52 x 28 x 18 inches

GI Frame 

110 volts 60 hertz

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