Gypsum (2lb)
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Gypsum (2lb)

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Myco Center offers organic food grade powdered Gypsum as a substrate additive for mushroom cultivation.

Gypsum acts as a buffer and helps to maintain proper pH level of the substrate. It is also a yield enhancer as it supplies minerals and trace elements to the mycelium.

The perfect additive to your mushroom growing and cultivating. Our gypsum is high quality organic and derived from mined gypsum. It is 100% soluble in water - This makes it easy to use, and also it means it is very efficient as soon as after its application and you get to see the results fast. Throw it in your monotube substrate or in your grain spawn mix. Let gypsum soak up all the excess moisture and provide the nutrients your mycelium needs.

2lbs Containing 21% calcium and 16% sulfur with a pH of 7.25


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