Petri Dish Culture (coming soon)
Petri Dish Culture (coming soon)
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Petri Dish Culture (coming soon)

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We offer a variety of different mushroom cultures, each one carefully selected and maintained in our laboratory. All of the varieties listed here are commercially viable strains; including many varieties that we personally selected from around the world. We have extensive experience with all of these varieties. Please reach out if you have any questions!

Your culture will be insulated during shipment and an ice pack will be added anytime high temperatures are likely. The nutrient media will vary. Every culture is also inspected and tested to ensure there is no contamination prior to shipping. We guarantee every culture will be fresh and clean.

Petri dish cultures are plastic containers that hold nutrient-rich agar and are inoculated with mushroom mycelium. Agar is simply a type of gelatin that provides a semi-solid surface for the mycelium to grow. We mix in nutrients to provide food for the fungus. The mycelium rapidly colonizes the agar dish, and these are used to expand the culture to other dishes or to inoculate grain jars for cultivation. We sell fully colonized petri dishes of a wide range of mushroom species from around the world. Dishes are 100mm in diameter by 15mm tall. 


*All sales are final. No returns and no refunds. Exchange is a case-to-case basis.

Bulk Orders please email us / DM on Instagram for pricing and more information. 


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