Vermiculite 40lb
Vermiculite 40lb
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Vermiculite 40lb

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Vermiculite absorbs and quickly releases moisture, helps maintain a fluffy casing that allows thick mycelium to prosper.

Vermiculite for Mushrooms is a natural mica mineral for growing mushrooms. It can be used as part of your substrate, to provide micro-nutrients and aerate bulk substrates to promote faster colonization and larger flushes.

Great for mixtures of either Soy Hull Pellets or Coco Coirs

Coco coir is often mixed in a 1:1 ratio with vermiculite to form a suitable mushroom substrate. Vermiculite is an expanded mineral that provides structure to the substrate and retains water, though it is nutritionally inert. The coco-coir vermiculite mix still needs to be properly pasteurized before being inoculated with mushroom grain spawn.

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