Whole Oats (Recleaned) Spawn - Chesnut
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Whole Oats (Recleaned) Spawn - Chesnut

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Fully hydrated and sterilized ready to inoculate rite out of the box! Myco Center only uses certified organic whole oats to make this wonderful mushroom substrate. Each bag has 3 quarts (3lbs) of hydrated and sterilized whole oats. The mushroom grow bag has a self-healing injection port and a 5 micron filter patch for proper gas exchange while keeping out contaminations. Whole oats are nutritionally optimal for mycelia biomass production. Simply inoculate with 6cc of your favorite gourmet mushroom culture and allow 14 to 21 days in room temperatures for proper germination. Normally it will take 4 – 6 weeks from the time of inoculation until full colonization. Once your whole oats mushroom substrate is fully colonized this bag can inoculate up to 15lbs of bulk substrate!

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