Cultivation Workshop (Coming Soon)

Interested in starting your own mushroom farm?

Every year more people are growing mushrooms for fun and profit. This is because the demand for gourmet and medicinal mushrooms is skyrocketing.

Mushroom cultivation is a low-cost and high-profit business opportunity that can be started with little to no capital. The process has become more efficient as technology improves, and mushrooms provide an alternative to meat proteins because they take less energy and resources than traditional animal farming methods. Mushroom cultivation is also environmentally friendly because it does not require inputs like pesticides or fertilizer. All you need to grow delicious fungi is space and patience!
Myco Center is excited to offer cultivation workshops for this growing industry.
You'll learn fundamental principles of mushroom cultivation, laboratory design, greenhouse/fruiting chamber design, aseptic technique, substrate formulations, cloning mushrooms, and more at our workshop! Classes begin at 10 AM and end at 4 PM. Please bring a meal with you, and snacks will be provided.


Every mushroom cultivation workshop includes a lecture, hands on activity, an opportunity to work in a laboratory, and a tour of our facility. Every student will go home with a ready-to-fruit mushroom block and 2 commercial mushroom cultures. This class is suitable for students with previous mushroom cultivation experience, especially those with an interest in commercial production.