Mushroom Grow Kit (Coming Soon)

We produce a variety of delicious gourmet mushroom blocks at a great price.

You up for a little homesteading? You don't need to wait till spring! Now you can grow your own mushroom patch anytime, anywhere with these fresh ready-to-fruit mushroom blocks. This product is perfect for those who want to try out mushroom cultivation before they commit to purchasing any equipment. It allows anyone with an open mind and empty countertop to give farming a whirl without strings or commitment.

Ready-to-fruit mushroom blocks are an easy and affordable way to grow fresh mushrooms at home. Several different mushroom species can be grown at home with ease. You can grow them indoors or outdoors, depending on the mushroom species and where you live. And there are no tools required – just open the bag and spritz with water. It is that simple. They’re environmentally friendly too!

With these kits, you can be sure that every mushroom will taste better than if it came straight from the farmer's market or grocery store without having to pay that high price. These kits also make great gifts for people who love cooking with fresh ingredients.

What's in it?

It's a fully colonized sawdust block that will sprout mushrooms soon after arriving at your door. None of our blocks are treated with chemical pesticides, and they far exceed organic certification requirements. Each block will weigh approximately 5 pounds. We also have 10-pound fruiting blocks available for wholesale. At Myco Center, our products are 100% grown and produced by us, in our own facility, in the USA. Plus, our basic grow kits are backed by a first-flush guarantee, so nothing is stopping you from trying one out today!


Our kits need only water, light, and fresh air to fruit. Your grow kit will arrive fully colonized. Simply cut the bag and mist with a spray bottle 2 or 3 times a day, keeping the surface of the blocks moist until mushrooms begin to grow.

After 7-10 days, depending on the species, the mushrooms will begin pinning. Keep the growing area between 65- 80 degrees Fahrenheit. After another few days to a week, you will be ready to harvest your first crop.



    * If you are not ready to start your kit, refrigerate unopened until you are ready (up to 2 months)

    What’s in the grow kit?

    The kit is composed of sawdust inoculated with a strain of White Oyster mushroom, comprised of interconnected white filaments called mycelium. This network is a living organism that digests the sawdust with its enzymes, breaking it down into sugars, water and carbon dioxide then using this as food to grow and produce mushrooms. As the kit nears maturity you can see the small ‘primordia’ form, some of which will then become mushrooms. This kit demonstrates the natural process that occurs when this fungus inhabits fallen timber in forests.

    Growing Instructions

    Remove the string and open the bag (without removing the bag). The mushrooms will grow from the top surface of the kit where there is access to oxygen in the air. The White Oyster grow kit needs spraying with water morning and night. After the first harvest, continue to spray the surface with a small amount of water daily while the mycelium gathers more energy to grow the next crop (approximately 2-3 weeks later). The surface of the spawn may naturally change color somewhat over time.

    Growing Conditions

    Grow indoors - kitchen, laundry, bathroom or in a protected outdoor area. The kit can be placed in a well-lit area to grow, but not in direct sun light.  Your kit will grow mushrooms best at temperatures between 18-28 oC.


    Under favorable conditions, mushrooms will begin to appear in 7 - 14 days. Mushrooms grow in clusters and are best harvested all at once. They are ready once the mushroom cap shape goes from convex (cap edges rounded down) to concave (cap edges flattening out or turning up); after this they will tend to produce spores and dry out. Pick the entire cluster by twisting and pulling away from the spawn. Remove any residual stems, as they will no longer grow.

    Further Crops

    After you harvest the mushrooms keep the surface of the kit moist. Avoid overwatering the kit, as water pooled in your grow kit will hinder vital gas exchange - making it hard for your grow kit to breathe! Continue watering once the mushrooms start forming again (approximately 2-3 weeks) and as the next crop develops. The most productive mushroom crops are usually the first and second. Subsequent mushroom fruiting may occur over the following weeks, but fewer mushrooms will grow as time passes and the mushroom nutrients are used up.  

    If growing under dry conditions, you can create a humid environment by placing a bag or container over the kit to act as a humidity tent – BUT be sure to allow fresh air every day so that your kit can breathe. For more information or growing tips, please contact


    Refunds and exchanges can be issued if the product is determined by Myco Center to be faulty. 


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