Whole Oats (Recleaned) Spawn (COMING SOON)

These triple-washed, gypsum buffered oat spawn bags are made from the highest quality materials available on the market. The Myco Center team takes great pride in meticulously crafting all of our grain spawn bags with the best industry methods available. We offer grain spawn bags, both with and without injection ports.

We start this process by double rinsing premium whole oats, removing any dust, and debris. We then remove any split kernels by submerging the oats in clean water, causing the split oats to float to the surface where we skim them off from the batch. Split oats are removed in order to reduce clumping and potential points of contamination.

We then soak our oats in water for no less than 24 hours, adding high-grade gypsum, (Calcium Sulfate CaSO₄) increasing mycelium growth and reducing the clumping of the grain. This water soak hydrates the oats and activates dormant bacterial endospores. The activation of these bacterial endospores is important because it helps ensure they are killed during the sterilization process. The oats are washed for the third time and very briefly brought to a boil to finish the hydration process. After the oats are properly hydrated, we lay them out on a drying table until excess moisture has evaporated from the outside of the grains.
After the oats are properly dried, they are bagged in premium .2 micron filter patch spawn bags. The oat spawn bags are then pressure sterilized for 3 hours. Before the spawn bags can be packaged for shipping, we verify they are contamination-free, by vacuum sealing and storing the bags in our cleanroom for 5 days. This process is necessary so that we can ensure we package, and ship verified contamination-free grain bags every time! 

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