Myco Center Farm Tours (Coming Soon)

Want to see all the magical things that mushrooms can do? Myco Center offers tours for those who are interested in mushrooms, cooking, cultivating, medicinal properties, or are just curious about the whole mushroom world. 

Starting with the life cycles and ecology of fungi, the tour winds through the laboratory and fruiting room spaces of the farm, where visitors will be able to see and hear about the entire process of spawn production and mushroom cultivation. Myco-remediation to soil creation will be discussed along the way as well!

At the end of your tour, you will receive a mushroom grow kit. 

You will leave Myco Center with a newfound knowledge on all mushroom fronts. 

Tours available only by registration 

Myco Center features 2 types of Private tours: 

  1. Private Group Tours. You can schedule a tour with Tradd as your guide. Minimum attendees for private groups are 15. If you have less than 15 people, we can still schedule you, but there is a minimum of $150. Your group may be as large as 30 attendees. If you have more than 20 attendees, the price goes down to $12 per person. For more information on how to schedule a school tour, please contact us a
  2. Private School Tours. Our favorite type of tours is definitely kids' tours. We feel it is very important to educate the young minds about the importance of fungi on our planet. After all, without fungi, there would be no life. It is vital for children to know how to preserve our wild areas that we have left on this Earth for the future generations, and this can be done with mushrooms. School groups are $5 per person (students, teachers, parents, chaperones) Tours are customized for school groups based on level of education. Email to customize your tour.

No pets allowed! Service animals are OK but are not allowed in the fruiting rooms according to Food Safety Codes.

All tours last approximately 1-1.5 hours.