Cordyceps Liquid Culture 10ml
Cordyceps Liquid Culture 10ml
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Cordyceps Liquid Culture 10ml

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Our live liquid mushroom cultures are lab procured from the finest commercial samples in the world. Each culture is tested and guaranteed 100% contaminate free. Each syringe contains a proven high-output isolated sub-strain for maximum yield and minimum incubation time. Every purchase includes a sterile individually packaged hypodermic needle.

Liquid Culture is a sterile mixture of water and one of a few specific sugars. The purpose of this nutritious mixture is to develop mycelium growth, once it has been inoculated with mushroom spores.

You could think of liquid culture as mycelium floating in a nutrient broth. Liquid culture makes inoculating substrates easier. Once the mycelium has established itself in the nutritious, sugary broth, the mycelium-rich mixture can be inoculated onto a substrate of your choice or stored as a living mushroom culture.


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